Pet Dentistry

At Drumm Veterinary Hospital in Castleton-On-Hudson, NY, we are fully equipped to provide exceptional pet dentistry care tailored to your pet’s needs.

Pet Dentistry Services in Castleton-On-Hudson, NY

It is just as important for dogs and cats to see a dentist regularly as it is for you. The oral health of your pet is directly related to their overall health. Bad breath, loose, broken, or missing teeth, yellow or brown teeth, red, inflamed, or bleeding gums, difficulty or pain when chewing, pawing at the mouth, and excessive drooling are all symptoms of dental disease. If you notice any of these symptoms, please contact our team, and we will gladly assist you.

Drumm Veterinary Hospital is proud to have the most up-to-date dental disease treatment equipment, including digital dental x-rays. This advanced technology enables us to identify conditions beneath the gum line that might go unnoticed through conventional methods. Thanks to dental radiographs, we can often see undetected abscesses, broken teeth, resorbed roots, retained roots, and other issues.